Mootral Sponsors the Navigating American Carbon World Conference

Mootral Sponsors the Navigating American Carbon World Conference

Mootral is delighted to announce it is sponsoring the Navigating the American Carbon World conference, 18-21 April, in San Fransisco, California.

As such, Mootral will be organising a workshop on April 19 at 3.00pm at the Intercontinental Hotel, San Fransisco. Entitled Mooving towards a Climate-Friendly Cow, the workshop will provide an overview of the current state of livestock emissions in California and globally, its direct and collateral impact and future projections.

It will focus on the science of enteric fermentation and powerful methods for reducing livestock emissions. Finally, it will open dialogue about how these emissions can be measured and packaged for the carbon markets – demonstrating clear economic and market incentives for the industry to drive sustainability throughout the livestock supply chain.

Speakers will include Michael Mathres, President, Mootral & more stakeholders in the livestock supply chain (Retailer, Producer, Farmer etc… TBC)

2017 marks the 15th consecutive year Navigating the American Carbon World will bring together the most active and influential players in North American climate policy and carbon markets. The NACW agenda will take a close look at domestic and international climate policy, carbon markets and green investments.

The workshop is free to attend and if you would like to do so, please RSVP Valérie Leyvraz, +41 79 210 21 06.