Mootral™ is a natural feed supplement that instantly reduces cow methane emissions by at least 30%. #MooveWithUs

Mootral™ is a natural feed supplement for reducing methane emissions from cows by at least 30%.  It provides a new market mechanism which enables these reductions to be scaled-up globally – incorporating both a CowCredit and a new Climate-Smart Cow standard.

Unique Selling Points

  • Effectiveness – Mootral™ results in the reduction in methane in cows by at least 30% – a finding supported by over 10 years of research. Benchmarked against other known solutions, Mootral™ delivers the highest reduction of enteric methane emissions
  • Sustained Effect – Mootral™ results in the long-lasting reduction of methanogenic bacteria in the microbiome of the cow
  • Natural and Scalable – Mootral™ is made from natural ingredients. This ensures wide availability, low environmental impact, health benefits to the cow, food safety adherence and a shorter time to market
Mootral Brochure Spread