Mootral is a proprietary natural feed supplement scientifically proven to reduce methane from cows by at least 30%.

MOOTRAL is an AgriTech company based in Switzerland that develops innovative solutions for companies and governments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the agricultural sector. Our first technology is Mootral Ruminant, a natural feed supplement that significantly reduces methane emissions from ruminants. Mootral Ruminant is based on a proprietary combination of organosulfur compounds from garlic and bioflavonoids extracted from citrus. Our research over the last 10 years under both lab and commercial farm conditions shows a minimum 30% reduction in emitted methane.

Mootral unlocks new, innovative and profitable approaches to reducing GHG emissions, including the creation of a new climate-friendly food standard for beef and dairy products and a “cow credit” currency. Mootral is a “win-win” for all, but especially for farmers.

The Mootral business model sets out to prove “there is good business in the business of doing good”.

Today, farmers are facing economic hardships and regulatory challenges unforeseen just a few decades ago. In order to support their future financial prosperity in a sustainable way, and one that meets the emerging needs of consumers, new thinking is needed. Mootral is the result of that thinking – bringing strong benefits to all stakeholders.

Who We Are


Founder & CEO

Thomas Hafner
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Bora Karamustafa

VP, Head of Commercial Affairs

Bora Karamustafa
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VP, Head of Operations

Isabelle Botticelli
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Anne-Frédérique Van KemmelAnne

VP, Head of Communications & External Affairs

Anne-Frédérique Van Kemmel
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Michael Mathres

VP, Head of Strategic Projects

Michael Mathres
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Hilde Vrancken

VP, Head of Scientific Affairs

Hilde Vrancken
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Director, Head of Digital

Kate Seiler
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