Reducing Cow Emissions: A Gigaton Opportunity for All

Lunch Presentation & Workshop

Monday 10th December (free lunch will be served)
12:30-15:00: Reducing Cow Emissions: a Gigaton Opportunity for all

  • Michael Mathres, VP, Head of Sustainability, Mootral
  • Elisavet Zoupanidou, Manager Business Insights, Mootral

If cattle were a nation they would be the 3rd largest emitter after China and the USA. Reducing carbon emissions from cows is not only one of the world’s largest challenges but also a massive economic opportunity. 

During this free lunch, you will learn about the importance of Climate-Smart Agriculture, and in particular, tackling carbon emissions from cattle by more than 1 Gigaton globally. Get an insight into the world of carbon offset projects and a new carbon credit in order to collectively meet the Paris Agreement targets.