International Food Bloggers Conference 2017

September 28 - 01, 2017


As a sponsor of the annual International Food Blogger Conference in Sacramento from September 28th to October 1st, Mootral, in collaboration with UC Davis, welcomed bloggers to a tour of the UC Davis beef feedlot and hosted a three-course dinner at the campus’ Gateway Gardens featuring the world’s first climate-smart beef – dry-aged, smoked prime rib – raised, processed and prepared at UC Davis.

In addition Mootral technology was showcased with an informational “discovery session” showing how cows using the Mootral feed supplement can make a positive contribution towards environmental health through significant and immediate reduction of methane emissions, while consumers can still enjoy their regular consumption of beef and dairy products.

Bloggers and participants were enthusiastic about the climate-smart experience, so rather than read more from us, checkout one of their posts here.