Methane: Can Farmers Lead The Way To Lower GHGs?

The Business of Burps: Scientists Smell Profit in Cow Emissions

Burping Cows Get the Green Light to Join Carbon-Offset Market

Verra Announces New Methodology for the Reduction of Enteric Methane Emissions from Ruminants

Effect of Mootral™ – a garlic and citrus extract based feed additive - on enteric methane emissions in feedlot cattle

Reduction of Enteric Methane Emission in a Commercial Dairy Farm by a Novel Feed Supplement

Mootral receives funding from the Swiss Climate Foundation to reduce methane emissions from cows

7 Top Agtech Startups Defining the Future of Agriculture

Concerns intensify over food producers’ impact on environment

Financial Times

"Mootral Leads to a Drastic Reduction of Methane Formation"

ZDF (German public-service television broadcaster)

Application of Mootral Reduces Methane Production by Altering the Archaea Community in the Rumen Simulation Techniq

Frontiers in Microbiology

Independence Day 2018

Celebrate independence day by discovering facts about ...


Trial at Copenhagen University shows a 58% ...

Climate-friendly products create added value for retail and farmers

We recently teamed up with celebrity chef ...

Could Mootral be silver bullet?

Scientists in Denmark say they have made ...

Mysteries of the Moo-crobiome: Could Tweaking Cow Gut Bugs Improve Beef?

Feed supplement drops methane by 58%

Methane Threatens Climate

Surge in methane threatens climate targets, scientists ...

More Cow, Less CO2

A new generation of animal feeds that ...


Discover the Mootral story in simple infographics.

Insight Report on Tackling Livestock Emissions

This BusinessGreen Insight Report looks at all ...

Climate Change Is Now

Climate change is happening today.

Vegetarian Or Not?

Why it’s more important to be an ...

EPA Report

Agriculture accounted for 9% of U.S. GHG ...

L’integratore alimentare per ridurre il metano prodotto dalle mucche

Si chiama Mootral ed è stato messo ...

Con integratore nel mangime -30% emissioni metano da bovini

Produttore, darlo a 1/3 bovini mondo come ...

Mootral win win win win: meno 30% emissione metano dei bovini

Novità: Integratore naturale aggiunto al mangime migliora ...

200 Million Less Cars

If just 40% of the world’s cows ...

Obama’s View

Obama cites agriculture as the new climate ...

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The Elephant In The Room Is A Cow

Why? Watch our video

Methane Challenges

California’s attempts to curb methane emissions face ...

It's Natural

The garlic and citrus extracts feed supplement ...

World Climate Summit Workshop

Emissions from the livestock industry is the ...

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New Scientific Advisory Board for Mootral

Zaluvida announces the formation of a Scientific ...

Get The Facts

Mootral™ — A New Approach to GHG ...

Four Wins

How to Neutralise Emissions of all cars in Kazakhstan

Climate-Friendly Beef

Pills For Burping Cows

Our immediate solution to help reach international ...

This Cow Food Could Help Stop Global Warming

NowThis News

This Supplement For Cows Could Reduce Global Warming

Meat production accounts for a staggering 14.5 ...

The billion-dollar business with burping cows


Feed supplement that cuts livestock methane emissions launched


NASA funded study

New Natural Nutritional Supplement Could Be Key to ‘Climate-Friendly’ Beef

Can This Swiss Feed Supplement Do For Cows What Tesla Is Doing For Cars?

World Milk Day

One in two consumers is willing to ...


Turning commitments into action with a new ...