Pills For Burping Cows

Our immediate solution to help reach international climate goals

Methane emitted by cows is becoming a growing challenge for the climate because it has 25 times the effect of CO2. A Swiss company, Zaluvida, now believes it has an immediate solution that can help reach the international climate goals.

The solution named Mootral is a feed supplement made of garlic and citrus extracts and presents many advantages compared to other suggestions on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by agriculture. Zaluvida CEO Christoph Staeuble plans on reducing greenhouse gas emissions of cows by one third and stresses that to do so there is no need for billions of investments, new infrastructure, bans or laws. Also, Mootral is comparatively inexpensive and instead of cutting down on meat consumption significantly or raising taxes on meat, like Greenpeace and the Umweltbundesamt suggested, it does not put any restraints on consumers. Zaluvida builds on a factor that is often being underestimated in debates on climate protection: scientific progress.

In order to distribute Mootral most efficiently Zaluvida has thought of different innovative ways, including the possibility for consumers to adopt cows. This could go as far as the automotive industry including so-called cow contracts when selling cars and thus neutralizing the emissions produced by the vehicles. And last but not least, Mootral does not present any side effects but rather improves the productivity of the cow.