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Mootral is a global solution that benefits farmers, businesses, consumers – as well as the planet.

Today, farmers are facing economic hardships and regulatory challenges unforeseen just a few decades ago.

In order to support their future financial prosperity in a sustainable way, and one that meets the emerging needs of consumers, new thinking is needed.

Mootral is the result of that thinking – bringing strong benefits to all stakeholders.


Mootral offers significant benefits to farmers:

  • A natural feed supplement promoting healthier, happier cows.
  • New opportunity to generate revenue from premium products.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions of methane from cows by at least 30%
  • Offers additional revenue from “CowCredits”


Mootral offers significant benefits to consumers through:

  • Direct action to improve our impact on society through consumption
  • Enabling consumers to enjoy real meat and dairy and still do good for the environment
  • Supporting local, sustainable farmers and their cows


We’re partnering with forward-thinking retailers and innovative industries to make our cows climate-smart.

  • Consumers are ready to willing to pay slightly higher prices for climate-friendly meat and dairy and pioneering retailers play a key role in promoting these climate-friendly products
  • A wide range of corporates can sponsor climate-smart cows and use these to leverage the associated greenhouse gas reduction to offset their carbon impact and support their marketing campaigns