MUTUAL BENEFITS – Mootral creates value for everyone – while helping to protect the planet.

Mootral is not just a product, it’s a solution that will help farmers, businesses, policymakers, and consumers to reduce their CO2 footprint thanks to climate-smart cows. Mootral is an investment into the welfare of livestock, the welfare of farmers and ultimately, the welfare of our planet.



Farmers are under increasing pressure both financially and politically.

Mootral offers significant benefits to farmers:

  • A natural feed supplement promoting healthier, happier cows with increased yield
  • New opportunity to generate incremental revenue from offering climate-smart premium products resulting in a strengthened image of brands and services
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions of methane from cows by up to 38% (depending on breed, feed regime and farm conditions)
  • Additional revenue from our voluntary carbon credits “CowCredits” - generated through the world's first independently certified methodology for the reduction of direct methane emissions from ruminants

Farming carries great responsibility, but also offers an exceptional opportunity to take impactful action now. That’s why at Mootral, we have identified flagship farms in each territory we operate in that we work in partnership with to demonstrate how we can contribute positively to help solve that challenge. Together.

“Farmers live the weather in their daily business and the climate has a massive effect. Farmers have more idea about climate change than anybody else as they live with it day in and day out. If cows are producing methane and are part of the problem, farmers can now get involved and become part of the solution.”

John Towers, Brades Farm


Here are two examples of great partnerships with two of our flagship farms in the UK and the Netherlands:


For this UK farm, constant innovation and quality milk have been the key focus



Based in the Netherlands, Anton Stokman's farm is a leader when it comes to animal welfare


We’re partnering with forward-thinking retailers, innovative dairy and beef companies, fast-food chains, as well as climate emergency aware non-food industry players to make our cows climate-smart and reduce our CO2 footprint.

Mootral offers significant benefits to industry players (e.g. feed industry, dairy and beef processors, coops and retailers):

  • Significant emission reduction in own supply chain, locally with full traceability and on methane in general, for which there are almost no other solutions.
  • By feeding Mootral, climate-smart meat and dairy products are being produced, enabling industry players to identify and communicate relevant competitive advantages
  • Introducing a new climate-smart standard for food that allows consumers to continue to enjoy the products they love while positively contributing to the climate
  • Generating additional revenues through “CowCredits” that will be traded at a premium price in the Carbon Credit markets.
  • Consumers are ready and willing to pay slightly higher prices for climate-smart meat and dairy products. Pioneering retailers, restaurants, as well as beef and dairy producers, play a key role in promoting these climate-smart products and drive awareness among consumers.
  • A wide range of corporates can sponsor climate-smart cows and use these to leverage the associated greenhouse gas reduction to offset their carbon impact and support their marketing campaigns.
  • Mootral is scalable, verifiable, and a hyper-local GHG reduction solution.




Government is just as instrumental to the moovement as all the other key players. We expect them to drive change through the use of policies & legislation, national targets & caps, and incentives as well as penalties. We are currently working on  several initiatives with governments in various countries to combat emissions at the national level, where governments can take a stand to promote fighting climate change, specifically within their own borders.

Mootral is not just a product, it is a solution that will help farmers, businesses, policymakers, and consumers reduce their CO2 footprint through climate-smart cows. Mootral is an investment in the welfare of livestock, the welfare of the people behind them and the welfare of our planet.



Beef and dairy are here to stay. Dietary habits are slow to change, and the majority of consumers want to continue to enjoy dairy and beef as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

For consumers, Mootral is addressing the recognition that there are tangible actions that can be taken to reduce our impact on society as a result of our own consumption habits. Without infringing upon consumer choice and preference, we can still make an immediate, positive difference in the climate. Supporting “Mootral farms” is simply supporting Climate-Smart beef and dairy products.

Mootral offers significant benefits to consumers through:

  • Direct action to improve our impact on society through consumption
  • Enabling consumers to enjoy real meat and dairy and still do good for the environment
  • Supporting local, sustainable farmers and their climate-smart cows

Across the world, beef and dairy are enjoyed by consumers and they play an important role in providing healthy and sustainable nourishment to a growing world population – now and in the future.

It is very much the responsibility of the consumer to help drive climate change solutions through pushing industry to supply climate-smart beef and dairy and the government to enforce legislation. This concept offers consumers the opportunity to do their bit in saving the climate with something as simple as pushing for climate-smart milk in their daily cup of coffee.



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