MOOTUAL BENEFITS – Mootral creates value for all stakeholders in the livestock industry – while helping to protect the planet.

Farmers are under increasing pressure both financially and politically.

Mootral offers significant benefits to farmers:

  • A natural feed supplement promoting healthier, happier cows with increased yield
  • New opportunity to generate incremental revenue from offering climate-friendly premium products
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions of methane from cows by 30%
  • Offers additional revenue from “CowCredits” - generated through a certified methodology and the act of Mootral being fed to cows, instantly reducing methane emissions by 30%



Fourteen generations of the Towers family farmed the valleys around us before we moved to Brades Farm in 1960, with just six dairy cows. In the early days we did our local milkround in the family car, before we grew our business across the Lancaster district in processing and in retail. Today the family farm is managed by the latest generation of the Towers family.

We discovered how to make the perfect milk for coffee, and the cows to produce this milk, in a place not often associated with dairy cows - Denmark. We travelled to Varde, in eastern Denmark, where we were blown away by a herd of Jerseys that produced a milk packed with the protein and butterfat needed to develop our Original Barista Milk. We brought them back to Lancashire, and have never looked back.

We introduced Jerseys to our herd of Holstein-Friesians in late 2015 because Jersey milk has more protein and butterfat - and this is the key to developing the perfect milk for coffee. We only blend the milk from our two herds after undertaking laboratory analysis when the milk tanker arrives, so we can create a consistency in milk proteins unparalleled in the British dairy industry, whilst keeping the milk completely natural.

Key areas of sustainable practice:

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Our goal is to produce the most consistent milk possible, but also to maximise the welfare of our beautiful cows. As we don’t want our cows to be forced to go outside in inclement Lancashire weather, we came up with ‘Freedom to Choose’. We redesigned the infrastructure of the farm and installed a bridge connecting the Jersey housing to two gorgeous adjacent pastures, separated by a stream. Our Jerseys now have the choice, during sunny summer days, whether to stay indoors or loaf in the pasture. We find that on a sunny day around half of our Jerseys choose to go outside and half choose to stay indoors. On rainy days, our cows outside race for cover and soon the field is empty. This allows us to continue to optimise the quality and consistency of the milk, by maintaining control of the diet of a portion of the cows, whilst giving them the option to graze.


Enteric fermentation related methane emissions have been Brades Farm’s highest CO2 footprint element to tackle. Mootral has been partnering with them to effectively address their number one priority and enabled them to take a big step towards becoming much more climate-friendly by reducing their methane GHG emission caused by enteric fermentation by 30%.



Based in the Netherlands, Anton Stokman’s farm is a leader when it comes to animal welfare.

The farm operates a Free Choice system that allows the herd of 300 cows to manage their time as they like. Waterbeds and robotic milking keep the cows happy and healthy, while regular foot baths and professional foot care keep the incidence of lameness extremely low.

Sustainability and environmental protection are also key issues, and the Stokman Farm was the first dairy unit in the Netherlands to be accredited with the Green Facility Mark, a government award for novel solutions to ecological challenges.

The farm is a member of the farm assurance scheme Foqus, which is audited and certified by an independent organization and covers key aspects such as food safety, and animal health and welfare.

Anton’s farm was the first dairy unit in the Netherlands to be accredited with the “Green Mark Facility.” This is awarded by the Dutch Government’s Environmental Department and includes awards for best environmental solution to a problem. The farm is a member of the independently inspected Qarant farm assurance scheme, which covers key aspects such as food safety, animal health and welfare.

The farm first introduced robotic milking over 14 years ago. Anton believes that one of the most important benefits of this system is that it gives the cows “free choice” as to when they want to be milked and allows them to manage their own daily time schedules. This technology has improved milk yields and animal health, reduced somatic cell counts and has eliminated the labor requirement needed for milking.

Dual-chamber waterbeds are installed in all cow cubicles; these improve cow comfort and reduce injuries such as swollen hocks or hock lesions. Research shows that cows need to lie down for 10 to 12 hours per day (Albright, 2003), so this comfortable lying environment is of paramount importance. The waterbed also reduces the quantity of bedding required per cow, and remains cleaner and more hygienic than other lying systems. Passageways are auto-scraped every hour, which limits the time slurry in the passageways can release ammonia, reducing nitrogen emissions.

Weekly foot-bathing of all cows and tri-annual professional foot trimming ensure that hoof care is at the forefront of animal care, and as a result, the incidence of lameness within the herd is extremely low. The farm recognizes that control and treatment is crucially important, as lameness is one of the major health and welfare issues among the European dairy sector.

During the summer period, an outdoor grass loafing field is provided for cows; this gives them the option to access the outside area, again providing “free choice.” The farm uses the COWEL system, a computer program that calculates a score based on an assessment of an individual farm’s housing and management system. The score shows how well the system provides for the health and welfare of the cows. Anton’s farm scored 265 out of a possible maximum of 313.

Semen for artificial insemination is selected carefully to complement the genetic potential of the dam and minimize calving difficulties.

The farm provides 34 hectares of “nature fields” for migrating wild geese to graze over the winter period, offering an important food source for these birds. The grooved anti-slip floor reduces emission of ammonia from the slurry and, with hourly removal, has been shown to reduce ammonia emissions of slurry in the passageways by 30%.

The addition of a new patented rubber slat cover that fits over the concrete slat provides a cushioned surface for the cows to walk on, and the unique design limits ammonia gas escaping from the slurry holding tanks.

Why Mootral?

Both Ammonia and CO2 levels in Anton’s Farm are measured and recorded continuously. Anton’s objective has been to reduce his farm’s GHG emissions and Ammonia as much as possible. Mootral has now partnered with Anton to measure the methane emission level in his farm 24/7 and gain valuable insights about how to reduce his total methane gas emissions originating from enteric fermentation.


We’re partnering with forward-thinking retailers and innovative industries to make our cows climate-smart.

  • Consumers are ready to willing to pay slightly higher prices for climate-friendly meat and dairy products. Pioneering retailers play a key role in promoting these climate-friendly products and drive awareness among consumers.
  • A wide range of corporates can sponsor climate-smart cows and use these to leverage the associated greenhouse gas reduction to offset their carbon impact and support their marketing campaigns.
  • Mootral is scalable, verifiable, and a hyper-local GHG reduction solution.

Why Mootral?

Let’s add one paragraph for Dairy and Meat Industry Players…. For other industry players, we rely heavily on the CSR policies of the corporate world. They too have a part to play in reaching carbon neutral goals. In buying into Mootral, offsetting is immediate and can be done in one of several ways:

  • Businesses can offset their emissions by purchasing CowCredits directly from Mootral
  • Businesses can offer CowCredits to their own consumers. For example, carbon offsetting a car purchase or flights

The government is just as instrumental to the moovement as all the other key players. We expect them to drive change through the use of policies & legislation, national targets & caps, and incentives as well as penalties. We are currently working on an initiative to combat emissions at the national level, where governments can take a stand to promote fighting climate change, specifically within their own borders.

Mootral offers significant benefits to consumers through:

  • Direct action to improve our impact on society through consumption
  • Enabling consumers to enjoy real meat and dairy and still do good for the environment
  • Supporting local, sustainable farmers and their climate-smart cows

Across the world, beef and dairy is enjoyed by consumers and they play an important role in providing healthy and sustainable nourishment to a growing world population – now and in the future.

It is very much the responsibility of the consumer to help drive climate change solutions through pushing industry to supply climate-smart beef and dairy and the government to enforce legislation. This concept offers consumers the opportunity to do their bit in saving the climate with something as simple as pushing for climate-smart milk in their daily cup of coffee.

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